So decided to commit Facebook suicide, the following article made it to page three in the pages of SONDAG the Sunday Afrikaans gossip tabloid, i documented the steps on another blog called my facebook suicide The original idea was to resurrect myself as a online Jesus after three days... but we all know what happened last time all the human Apes had a Jesus.


My friend MJ then pointed out the dangers of becoming an Internet Jesus, by coming back i might have the dilemma of a couple of followers walking in the wake of my new up rising by killing themselves off in one mass suicide like the following organisations of Lemmings below. It would definitely spark up a few laughs down at the pub though. Cheers
  • The 960 members of the Jewish community at Masada , who collectively committed suicide in the first century A.D., rather than be conquered and enslaved by the Romans . Each man killed his wife and children, then the men drew lots and killed each other until the last man killed himself.
  • The Jones town suicides in Guyana, where 913 people died in 1978 under the direction of Jim Jones , an evangelist preacher and head of the Peoples Temple . Of the 914 dead, 276 were children and over 100 of the adults were murdered.
  • The Order of the Solar Temple mass suicide killed 102 people in two towns in Switzerland in October 1994. About two thirds of the deaths were murders, including the ritual murder of a newborn.
  • The Heaven's Gate mass suicide occurred in a hilltop mansion near San Diego, California , in 1997. They believed an alien spaceship was following in the tail of the Comet Hale-Bopp and that killing themselves was necessary to reach it. The victims were self-drugged and then suffocated by other members in a series of suicides over a period of three days. Thirty-nine died, from a wide range of backgrounds.


Its Jonni Fuckin Neons birthday today, so i drew him a little something to say happy birthday. Johannesburg has done him well and made him a lot more street savvy than living in that fancy pants hippie town where his from. Despite how his friends see him, he is the kind of guy that can walk around the streets easely with a pair of tracksuit pants, leather jacket , slippers and a short of wiskey with no ice. I respect that. He has definately added a bit of flair to JHB and his art is probably better than yours...He also understands the real meaning of DEVO which will always leave him a special place in my heart.Three cheers mate!


Warren took these pictures at fashion week a few weeks ago, they reminded of some of the girls on the Smiths albums so i thought i would make some of my own and pass it on to john from the Black Hotels. I must ad that i do enjoy having my own personal little image bank that i can loot, from time to time. I got a copy of the the Hotels EP last night and its a pleasure to the ears if you have the means go and see them and enlighten your musical taste.


This was the highlight of my day today, a friend of mine gave me this magazine a couple of weeks ago called Meatmagazine. Its a publication from the UK dedicated to showcase new artistic talent from across the UK. He was not aware that my blog was called meatmania so i immediately related to the magazine. My blog was meant to be called steak but some other tosser already scooped up that name so i went for the one I'm with now. I spent my lunch or rather liquid lunch reading an interview with Rick Poynor who was involved in the "FIRST THINGS FIRST 2000" manifesto, a 400 word statement about designers priorities and responsibilities intended to prick conscience and provoke discussion. So I'm leaving you with a link to the site so you can support. Here is a few quotes from the mans wisdom:

"Look around, question what you see. Read as widely as you can... when you know what you stand for, get organised"

"Its still possible to carve out your own space as a designer if you have the talent, self-belief, persistence and vision to do it"



I would like to dedicate the following Mexican cowboy and prawn to my very own exotic fruit pack man Jason. This was a list of changes that i had to make a while back and its been floating around my desk. My work is so fucking exciting! It really tests me to the cusp of my creativity, three cheers for the glorified DTP operator. Spare me your tears and let me crawl into a aching ball of branding hell. Thank you.


This is me stabbing fish, its a hobby of mine that i treasure and hold close to my heart. I don't think people realise the joy i get out of clip art, its save so much time for a lazy designer as myself. The body's are of me doing the skank in my bedroom and taken by Neil while we were blazed for another project i was busy with that never materialised. Its in my portfolio under random and was meant to be for a flyer for a JHB Live dub party. I used to stab rock pool fish with a homemade harpoon when i was a kid at the beach, luckily I'm not that violent anymore...


So Loyd lets me know this morning that the BLK JKS are playing at the Bohemian tonight, to which i immediately replied because this Thursday deal at the Bo seems to be happening every week now, random shit talking and finger pointing are usually in order with a bit of a tweak on the side plus Loyd is a trained professional in these areas of socialising. I thought i would make a flyer seeing that i have some time and send it out with the mailing list and see who turns up. When i called up the Bo they told me that the bands have cancelled... and are only playing on the 28Th. So here is the flyer but i still did not get the cover.

So then a couple of weeks later i eventaully made the final and moved a couple of elements around, the band "Us kids know" failed to show up including myself... and the BLK JKS opened up for the Bang. I missed out on Loyds little party though, pity.

Then i also found this little number i did for an article for Isolation on the Afrikaans death metal group called INSEK. I don't really use my illustration work that much in my layouts but in both these cases they seem to work nicely.


As usual my attempts to do graphics for my favourite local bands go without success , these are some ideas i sent to the Black Hotels a while back that i dug up out of my archive of unused graphics on my machine.

These ones were done with Jason's drawings (The one eyed man is king). My original thought was to do a whole series that fit into each other length wise to paste over all those other poster under bridges and stuff, the white posters with the black lines and red would stand out by a mile. i tried to persuade the Black Jacks with the same concept. It would have been cheap and you could smoke one up before you go and paste it up along the road side.

Maybe next time...