This was the highlight of my day today, a friend of mine gave me this magazine a couple of weeks ago called Meatmagazine. Its a publication from the UK dedicated to showcase new artistic talent from across the UK. He was not aware that my blog was called meatmania so i immediately related to the magazine. My blog was meant to be called steak but some other tosser already scooped up that name so i went for the one I'm with now. I spent my lunch or rather liquid lunch reading an interview with Rick Poynor who was involved in the "FIRST THINGS FIRST 2000" manifesto, a 400 word statement about designers priorities and responsibilities intended to prick conscience and provoke discussion. So I'm leaving you with a link to the site so you can support. Here is a few quotes from the mans wisdom:

"Look around, question what you see. Read as widely as you can... when you know what you stand for, get organised"

"Its still possible to carve out your own space as a designer if you have the talent, self-belief, persistence and vision to do it"



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