So Loyd lets me know this morning that the BLK JKS are playing at the Bohemian tonight, to which i immediately replied because this Thursday deal at the Bo seems to be happening every week now, random shit talking and finger pointing are usually in order with a bit of a tweak on the side plus Loyd is a trained professional in these areas of socialising. I thought i would make a flyer seeing that i have some time and send it out with the mailing list and see who turns up. When i called up the Bo they told me that the bands have cancelled... and are only playing on the 28Th. So here is the flyer but i still did not get the cover.

So then a couple of weeks later i eventaully made the final and moved a couple of elements around, the band "Us kids know" failed to show up including myself... and the BLK JKS opened up for the Bang. I missed out on Loyds little party though, pity.

Then i also found this little number i did for an article for Isolation on the Afrikaans death metal group called INSEK. I don't really use my illustration work that much in my layouts but in both these cases they seem to work nicely.


Jason said... @ July 05, 2007 6:29 PM

you're doing quite a bit lately. Must be something in the water down there in Parktown North. Personally, i prefer hops and/or barley in my h20.

marcel said... @ July 06, 2007 1:14 PM

jissus boet.. you're out of blessit control!! Give me some of that stuffs

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