I'm am very good at starting something up until it is 90% done and then suddenly losing interest... I have been going through my projects on my hard drive and finding some bizarre unfinished ideas and concepts. This was a cover i was working on for the one eyed man Jason's zine called Back Issue. You can go check them out through his link on this page. Even though they were done i never sent it to him because of some unknown internal crisis at the time... NO DOGS BODY was a comic i used to do for Session magazine when it first started, none of the kids liked my cynical outlook on skateboarding and life and complained about it till we left it out of the mag. I was planning the elusive return of NO DOGS through Back issue but allas. Look out for a another Blog feuturing only the man himself and and vintage versions from his printed days to follow soon on this page. Some of the drawings on the cover are from Jason that i mixed into my layout.

The following was one of the comics i was busy with for inside but just like the comic of Satan attacking the earth earlier on this page (A FEW OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUALS), i never finished it. I have always been into the evolution of the species and this is basically my simple explanation of where we come from and my outlook on religion in general. A real modern day Darwin, fancy that...


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