A good friend of mine, Martin sent me these Clout 7"'s from Switserland or something. They came from a car boot sale and i got them in this nice red British mail envelope. Its like they are worth anything but i suppose its a bit of SA pride. These ladies were massive.

This has embossed letters - very fancy.

And then obviously i was left with a nasty little reminder on the back stating this...
Anyway, atleast nothing inside was taken.



I have a very cool neighbour, he is Dutch and we drink a lot of wiskey together when we have the chance. I Have always imagined that if Kurt Cobain was still alive he would have looked very similar to him cause they are about the same age. Anyway he owns this Talking Heads record called "Speaking in tongues (Robert Rauschenberg)" which he also bought in Europe as it came out. Its a printed vinyl and very rare and we also realised that it is worth a lot of money, a lot more that you think. Rauschenberg id one of my favourite artist and im definately wearing the green jacket when i hold this little number in my sweaty palms...

- Speaking In Tongues (Robert Rauschenberg )

Label: Sire Records Company
Catalog#: 92-3771-1

Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition

Country: Europe

Released: 1983

Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Leftfield, Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Credits: Artwork By [Cover / Package] - Robert Rauschenberg


This is what i have... a broken Talking Heads live 1979 copied CD that Loyd gave me one drunken night at the Bohemian. I was very excited and stuck it into my back pocket. I sat down at the bar and had another drink. The disapointment was clear enough when i got home to find two pieces in my back pocket.


Label: Loyds computer at the Mail And Gaurdian
Catalog#: 9199 666 52

Format: Compact disc, CD, Limited Edition

Country: South Africa

Released: 1979 Copied 2006

Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Leftfield, Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Credits: Artwork By [Cover / Package] - Stefan Naude ( ST(E)AK


I found some of my old work on a disc, none of the these graphics exept for the top one was printed. Its a picture of Gavin Morgan and i think it was taken by Gavin Scott. Gavin really chucked his board in the air even though i remembered a lot of people thought i put it in afterwards. It was for a KFD tour ad or something in Session magazine but i dont have the ad anymore. I did some t shirts for KFD Modern living tour, but i dont know where it is now. I always tried to get some graphics on a board, i have done heaps for different companies and none of them ever got printed... Apparently the didn't fit the image of the company or something.