Mpumi sent me brief a while ago... it was epic and i will publish it on here shortly so you lot can have a look. I had many sleepless nights about it becuase i am a white boy trying to think black. Anyway here is yet another humble attempt at an album cover that will probably never be used. I did follow the brief though for the first time in my life, well i hope.

I found all these items and the wooden box at Verkykerskop near Harrysmith in the Freestate, if you read the brief you would understand it more but it's meant to be some sort of a survival kit... I thought it would maybe be better if all of them go out and pick their own products and we re pack it maybe so that they are all part of the process. Anyway we will see how it goes.


Hola; Mr Naude

(herein lies the memo[finally]hope its enlightning/amusing)

ART+COMMERCE=ADVERTISING? [nose-bleed-desktop]

a clinical study in juxtaposition_the sleeve

We aim to examin the relationship of the multi-conglomerate/national business with communities,people&individuals(see business acountability forum)is it a situation of nu-age colonialism,slavery or noble job creation as an excercsise in nation building.fair or unfair?(free trade for devoloping world?)

This cover art will serve as another tool in the internal/perhaps eternal,debate of selling your waking life or time to a company to further somoene elses dream.its about that inbread need to break away from conformity,ala human spirit;but then again obviously there are pros & cons to this system,you could find a job u love & not have to work a day in your life.(as the old adage goes)are u the ocean or the river? the tree or the root? all of wich equally important.sometimes the most important job is the servants.

What is the effect of modern life on living organisms such as man & the enviroment, is this kind of 'progress' in keeping with the natural way of the cosmos, is there such a thing as the right direction in terms of progress universally speaking?

Lets talk about the future,have we learnt anything from ancient civilization?Lets talk about our place in the universe,pyramids,pyramid schemes,charity(altruism VS masochism),the bee,chinas recent involvement in africa,americas involvement everywhere,cloning,globalisation,global warming,entrepenuership,corruption&crime,its benefactors&victims,what of wars for the control&power to command natural resouces_privatisation,prostitution,harmony goldmines in Mali,Mvelaphanda swooping in on Africa,Africans on African greed,branding&commodifiying selling music&art instead of giving it away,etc;we're looking for the soul in our current existence if any.(where is family love&genuine friendship in the real world of commerce?what does one get for walkin under the corporate ladder?

MISSION:to make a sleeve that will showcase not only the design talent of jhb but to also present somethig topical wich may offer practical ideas&solutions to some of the issues of the day mainly interms of assiting in the matter of poverty+education(not nescessarily institutional)business, the city&its people.now if we can present these ideas in a quirky manner that makes people smile*&gives hope, we will have succeeded.(&of course if we plug the following companies accordingly in order to get our financing,to pay ya'll&help out some charities;that would be cool)


We want to give folks a jozi survival kit;so we chose these guys if u think of any more throw them in there&we'll see.shup_

thanx,yours sincrely

Booby Prize

ps,.steph holla back...



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