These are all ideas im sending out for approval. Its for the up and coming gig at the Bohemian with Battery 9 and Null. i sent some additional A3 black and white posters with that i made with stolen images from Jasons blog. Yes and i will ask Jasons permission before they get printed... but he is just a big girl anyway.

And here are the poster ideas, just print them out on A4 or A3 d then enlarge them on a photo copy machine to a bigger size. But we will see... hopefully all the party's agree on them.


These are some random post it notes that i stuck up on peoples computer screens around the office, the cool thing about these notes is that you can have an exibit right away by sticking them on random places. Atleast i feel like im doing something by updating my blog with old pictures...


I drew this picture for a little girl that came into the office to visit her mom, she neatly colored it in blue and left it on the table when she went home. So i took it back and added a few things that made sense to me... not a lot of things make sense to me right now.


I was at the laundromat today and i took my drawing book with me, these are some of the ugly plants arranged outside.


These are some drawings from my sketch book, i have been really busy with my new Blog "japaneserubberoncountrytar" these drawings were too big for the scanner but im sure you get the general idea...